Contact your councillors


Contact Your Councillors

Parish Council Clerk and RFO

Rae Alton

Rae Alton became the Parish Council Clerk and RFO in 2022.

Parish Council Chair

Dr John Fitzakerley

Cllr John Fitzakerley  is the Chair of the Parish Council and has been a Councillor since January 2017, John represents Yeaveley and has been a resident since 2007

Parish Council Vice Chair

Cllr Ian Chapman

Councillor Ian Chapman has been a Councillor since Spring 2023.

You can email him on

Parish Cllr

Cllr Heather Watson

Cllr Heather Watson has been a Councillor since May 2015, Heather represents Yeaveley and has lived in the village since 2010

Parish Cllr

Cllr Lindsey Schroeter

Cllr Lindsey Schroeter has been a Councillor since January 2017 Lindsey represents Hales Green and has lived here since about 1990

Parish Councillor

Cllr David Furniss

Cllr David Furniss has been a Councillor since the beginning of 2022.