Member Obligations

When a member of the Council acts, claims to act or gives the impression of acting as a representative of the Council, he/she has the following obligations.


  1. He/she shall behave in such a way that a reasonable person would regard as respectful.
  2. He/she shall not act in a way which a reasonable person would regard as bullying or intimidatory.
  3. He/she shall not seek to improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person.
  4. He/she shall use the resources of the Council in accordance with its requirements.
  5. He/she shall not disclose information which is confidential or where disclosure is prohibited
  6. Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to a financial interest of a friend, relative or close associate, the member shall disclose the nature of the interest and not vote on the matter. He/she may speak on the matter only if members of the public are also allowed to speak at the meeting. If it is a ‘sensitive interest’ the member shall declare the interest but not the nature of it.