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Rodsley and Yeaveley Parish Council are a dedicated group of councillors who are passionate about supporting the parish.


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Agenda – Rodsley Annual Village Meeting

By Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council | 22nd March 2021

Agenda for Rodsley Annual Village Meeting 2021 to be held via Zoom at 7.30 on Monday 29th March 2021. If you would like to join the meeting let the Clerk know and a link will be sent to you 1. Apologies 2. Minutes of the previous meeting 3. The Sherwin Charity 4. Coke’s Education Charity…

Agenda Hales Green and Yeaveley Annual Village Meeting

By Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council | 15th March 2021

Agenda – January 2021

By Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council | 15th March 2021

Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council Dear Residents, You are invited to attend a meeting of Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council which is to be held virtually via ‘Zoom’ on Monday January 11th at 7.30. If you would like to attend please let me know and I will send the details required nearer the time. Members…

Minutes – March 2021

By Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council | 10th March 2021

Held virtually via Zoom at 7.30   J Fitzakerley (Chair) D Walsh  (Vice Chair  H Watson  A Higgins L Schroeter F Sills Clerk, J Bailey County Councillor,  S Bull Member of the Public, Mr D Cottingham, Mrs H Titterton, Mr and Mrs Mellings Apologies: District Cllr T Morley. Declaration of Members Interests. There were none…

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About Us

Yeaveley and Rodsley are sleepy villages, south of Ashbourne,
It was the birthplace of one of the greatest architects of the Middle Ages, Henry Yevele, who travelled to London at the time of the Black Death and was responsible for the rebuilding of the great naves of Westminster Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral.

Your councillors

Clerk, Jacky Bailey
Chair, Cllr John Fitzakerley
​Vice Chair, Cllr Dave Walsh
​Cllr Freda Sills
​Cllr Heather Watson
​Cllr Lindsey Schroeter
​Cllr Anthony Higgins