Agenda – March 2021

Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council

Dear Residents,
You are invited to attend a meeting of Rodsley & Yeaveley Parish Council which is to be held virtually via ‘Zoom’ on Monday March 8th at 7.30. If you would like to attend please let me know and I will send you a link.

Members are asked to complete the Declarations sheet (if appropriate) provided at the meeting. This will be achieved by the clerk on this occasion.

Yours sincerely

1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Members Interests.
(a) Members must ensure that they complete the Declarations of Interest Sheet prior to the start of the meeting and must indicate the action to be taken (i.e. to stay in the meeting, to leave the meeting or to stay in the meeting to make representations and then leave the
meeting prior to any consideration or determination of the item)
(b) Where a Member indicates that they have a prejudicial interest, but wish to make representations regarding the item before leaving the meeting, those representations must be made under the item Public Participation
The Declarations of Interests will be read out from the Declaration Sheet – Members will be asked to confirm that the record is correct.
3. Public Participation. This must be kept to a minimum of 5 minutes total
4. Minutes of the Last Meeting.
5. Neighbourhood Watch
6. Planning Application, Honeysuckle Farm, Agricultural Worker’s Cottage (resubmission).
7. Appeal against Decision to Refuse Permission for Formation of Access and Off Street Parking at 3 to 5 Rodsley Lane, Yeaveley.
8. Planning Application, White Oak Barn, for Erection of Tractor Shed and Hay Barn.
9. Planning Application, Brooklyn, Hales Green, Single Storey Side, front porch extension and detached double garage and incorporation of additional land into residential curtilage.
10. Compliance with Conditions of Formation of New Access and Track to Land Opposite the Entrance to Rodsleywood Farm.
11. Drone Sighting
12. Footpath Issues
13. Highways and Flooding Issues
14. New Grit Bin, Yeaveley
15. Request for Residents to have Covid Test
16. End of Lockdown in June
17. Census 2021
18. Phone Box Library
19. Clerk’s Report
20. Financial Matters
21. Dates for Village Meetings
22. Date of the Next Meeting.