Extraordinary Meeting – Application for License for Darley Dance Festival

Minutes of Rodsley and Yeaveley Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting

Held on Wednesday 5th May at 7.30pm via Zoom.

Councillors J Fitzakerley (Chair)
D Walsh (Vice Chair)
F Sills
L Schroeter
A Higgins

 District Councillor T Morley
Clerk J Bailey

Members of the Public: S Gillis, J Potter, G Tandy, G Cookson, (D Cottingham joined the meeting later)

Apologies.  Councillor H Watson

Member’s Interests – There were none

Public Participation. The Chair explained that due to the number of members public present he would not limit the time spent on their participation.

Jane Potter queried the request for three evenings to be licensed. Also whether the site would be cleared up properly afterwards. Parking of customers also queried.

Simon agreed that when the marketing was for one day only why license three.  He also pointed out that they were asking for 5 events to be licensed and that there were inconsistencies that need to be addressed. There had been no consultation with residents prior to the application. Vague about numbers expected to attend. The venue is not currently licensed for music and there were no grounds to accept the proposal.

Geoff Cookson queried access route to parking on site and for public to enter the site.

Gordon Tandy was concerned that noise levels are not currently monitored accurately and therefore could be a problem and that the total impact on residents of Hales Green should be considered. He thought that they already held more events than they were allowed to.

In summary the public thought the application to be poorly addressed and disrespectful.

34/21 Discuss the Application for License for Darley Dance Festival August 2021. The Chair thanked members of the public for their comments.

He agreed that the application was asking for 5 events a year that might possibly each last for 3 days therefore adding 15 possible events per year. At present the Race Track is licensed to hold 14 events a year at which noise levels must be monitored and kept to a certain level. Are the music events to be in addition to racing?

The attached diagram does not indicate where customer parking will be.

All representations must be relevant to the four licensing objectives

The prevention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety – Environmental Health, The Prevention of Public Nuisance, and the Protection of Children from Harm.

Will the Police Force, Fire Service and Ambulance Service be present and able to cope with ‘unknown’ numbers of people present.

District Councillor Tony Morley was asked for his advice. He said that residents should respond individually as a list of names equals only one objection. Letters should not be anecdotal but only talk about present and future impact. The letters should insist that the application be considered by Licensing Committee. There will then be a meeting which the public can attend. He said that he is willing to give representation on our behalf if required.

Darryl Cottingham (had joined the meeting late) said that he was in support of the event taking place and asked if his opinion would be considered. He was not aware of the detail of the application.  

Darryl was advised he could write a letter in support of the event if he wished to, which would obviously be considered.  The Parish Council represented the feelings the of the majority of the residents of the parish, which was the reason for the extraordinary meeting, to determine the consensus of public opinion. 

It was agreed that the Clerk would send out an email to residents and attach a template letter giving the salient points to be queried, advising them to write to the authority with their views on the application.

The meeting closed at 8.10.